This food is an insidious POISON: urgently stop eating these foods if you want to live long and healthy.

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333The abundance of food attracts us to the supermarket shelf. However, in the opinion of foreign and domestic nutritionists some foods simply should be avoided if you want to live long and healthy because they are toxins harmful to the body.


For making pate used and cheapest meat worst possible quality. However, if it was just the meat and then it would not be such a problem. For the pate is lumped skins, bones, hooves and cartilage. More than half of paste is water.

And with that there are fat, skins, starch and various spices and of course emulsifiers and other chemicals while meat in certain types have barely 30 percent. In all of paste stuffing a bunch of salt and those in the intestine are more harmful than pate in cans.

However, you need not be so forever renounce favorite prayer. Prepare it at home and then you will know what you eat.


Oh yes. Another favorite spread margarine is made from vegetable oils, which are extracted from sunflower using chemicals, high temperature in the process of refining oil destroys all the vitamins and antioxidants containing this leads to the formation of free radicals that can cause great damage to the cells and increase the risk of cancer.

Oils are already in the start unhealthy. And adding new chemicals leads margarine in a firm and recognizable condition, which is very harmful. So instead of margarine on bread rather lubricate butter or good old lard.

Cheese slices

This cheese is made from pure cheese that you probably understand. He is saved from what remains in the process of cheese production.

It contains only 50 percent of the cheese while the other ingredients of water, fat, emulsifiers and artificial colors to make the product had a better eye.

This cheese has twice as much salt than in the ordinary. A fat? These in turn have more than any other milk product.


On the list of especially harmful foods are classified and popcorn. But not those well-known baked on the stove, but the popcorn from the microwave oven. For them there is a chemical that has been shown to increase the risk of cancer, affects fertility and interfere with the operation of the kidney.

Many microwave popcorn are crammed with artificial flavors and trans-fatty acids and chemicals of which arise headaches and nausea. Recommendation nutritionist is that fans of popcorn right this snack in the traditional way.


Nails, skin, hooves, intestines, blood vessels, cartilage and meat worst quality grinding is beyond recognition. They are then added soy, starch, spices, water, a pile of salt, preservatives, and color found in lipsticks, and paprika extract.

When all this is mixed, given the well-known hot dogs us that because of all of these ingredients and their effects on the body should be completely out of use. However, as an alternative offered homemade sausages.

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