FAMOUS SURGEON cause chaos: ALL ABOUT heart disease is a lie, YOU SHOULD DO ONLY THIS!

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2After these statements, the medical community believes that Land is crazy, though for 25 years, was in charge of the most complicated heart surgery. Dr-Dwight-Landel Dr. Dwight Landel made a big fuss when he stated that one should not treat heart disease with statins – drugs for lowering cholesterol He is an experienced cardiac surgeon who retired at the hospital in Arizona. Dr Landel recently gave the following statement: “We, the doctors, with all our education and authority, they often develop a strong ego, which makes it difficult to admit that we were wrong. However, I admit that I was wrong. As a heart surgeon with a year-old experience and sapreko 5,000 open-heart surgeries, I feel that I must correct thing and one scientific fact. For many years, I worked with prominent doctors, where we often exchange views. We are constantly reading new scientific literature, went to educational seminars and concluded that heart diseases occur due to elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood. The only treatment for this disease is the one that lowers cholesterol with a diet that restricts fat intake. All that talk contrary to this thinking was considered nonsense and careless treatment. I now have to say that this therapy has no scientific or moral basis, “he said. Of course, Landel statement caused chaos in health care. His statement has undermined the justification of taking statins – drugs for lowering cholesterol. The reason is his statement caused such a stir is because statins bring considerable profit. In the US alone, about 25% of the population taking statins, but they cost somewhere between 53 and 600 dollars a month. Despite the prevalence of these drugs, around the world each year is still a large number of people suffer from heart disease. Landel went on to say: “The discovery of a few years ago that inflammation of the wall of the arteries the real cause of the disease gradually leading to a paradigm shift in the treatment of heart disease and other chronic diseases. Just long dietary recommendations have created an epidemic of obesity and diabetes. I had a chance to peek into thousands and thousands of arteries. Sick artery looks like someone took a brush and rubbed it along the wall of the arteries. The food we eat several times a day, every day creates small injuries that generate new violations, affecting the body to respond to inflammation. While we enjoy the delicacies, our bodies fight off the intruders. The food is full of sugar and simple carbohydrates or foods processed omega-6 oils was recommended as a healthy diet. However, precisely these foods gradually poisons all people, “said Landel. In fact, he claims that food processed omega-6 and omega-3 fats disturbs the balance of fats in the body. However, what is most controversial in his statements is the claim daholesterol does not cause heart disease, which is why statins completely unnecessary. He instead recommended a treatment that does not bring profit pharmaceutical industry: “Simply put, without inflammation in the body there is no way that cholesterol accumulates in the walls of blood vessels and causes heart disease and heart attack. Without inflammation, cholesterol would be freely moved through the body, which is quite natural. Just by inflammation traps. Since we now know that cholesterol does not cause heart disease, concern about saturated fat is completely meaningless. Just theory about cholesterol has launched nutrition recommendations that us today destroys and creates inflammation. Mainstream medicine has made a big mistake when it advised people to avoid saturated fats and instead consume foods rich in omega-6 fats. As a result, now there is an epidemic of arterial inflammation that leads to heart disease and other chronic diseases. Saturated fats are mostly found in meat, eggs, cheese. What you can do is to choose natural foods and foods from the market to avoid foods that cause inflammation, such as processed foods, “says the doctor. After these statements, the medical community believes Land crazy, though for 25 years, was in charge of the most complicated heart surgery. In 2007 he published his book, The Cure for Heart Disease (drug for heart disease), which states that the proper diet and lifestyle can cure cardiovascular disease without drugs.

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