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This Is How Your Brain Physically Changes When You Consume Turmeric

Researchers have scientifically confirmed more than 600 health benefits of turmeric, so this natural miracle has become a huge hit all around the world. The main culprit for its amazing properties is considered to be its active ingredient, curcumin. Yet, it does not stand alone. Newest studies reveal another propertyRead More

Magnesium Protects Against Stroke, Heart Disease & Diabetes

While medical doctors have focused on cholesterol as the problem and prescribed statins for more than 20 years, this has not changed the fact that heart disease is still the #1 killer in the US. Looking for a way to decrease your risk of developing coronary heart disease, stroke andRead More


It isn’t easy to lose your weight in only a few weeks and yet have the energy to survive the day. Some diets show some excellent results at the beginning but then we are left with hunger and without any energy.Here we have one diet with pineapples which is greatRead More

9 Strange Scientifically Proven Ways to Stay Healthy

Medicine and science offer us more and more new methods to stay healthy. And though sometimes they might sound a little strange, they have already proven their efficiency. We at Life is Simple decided to collect the most unusual methods of health support that we’d never even imagined. Stay with us because at the end of the article there is a bonus waitingRead More


Women shaving their pubic area is different than using the razor on legs or underarms. You need a bit more patience and care because of this sensitive zone and thicker hair type. You might be able to get away with a ‘hurry up and get it done’ with other areas,Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Every Thyroid Disorder: Signs, Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

The role of the hormones is to help the communication inside our body and regulate various processes and functions. Yet, numerous people suffer from endocrine disorders, which are characterized by dysfunction of our hormones. Ones of the most prevalent are thyroid disorders, which lead to numerous symptoms and health issues,Read More

This Woman Drank Honey- Lemon Water Every Day For a Full Year. Here’s What Happened

We all know that lemon and honey are one of the healthiest foods in the world. Their consumption is a blessing for our bodies. An Australian woman named Crystal Davis did an experiment where she drank lemon and honey with warm water, every day for a year. GREAT COMBINATION TheseRead More

7 Warning Signs Of Uterine Fibroids And Tips On How To Shrink Them Naturally

Uterine fibroids are defined as benign tumors which develop in the uterus. Even though they are made of the same muscle fibers as the uterine wall, they are more dense compared to a normal uterine wall. In most cases, they are round. Uterine fibroids are described depending on their locationRead More

A Capsule That Will Turn Your White Hair To Black From The Roots

Today I am going to share a super effective treatment that will strengthen the roots of your hair, it will nourish the scalp of your hair very well and soon you will notice that soon all the white hair will begin to turn black by the roots. This is notRead More

Food For Better Mood And More Energy

You want to have energy all day and do everything with a smile on your face without nervousness and anger? Pay attention to the diet and you will come very close to your goal. Consuming certain foods can change your metabolism and brain work, which inevitably affects your mood andRead More